Cultivate.Coop Is Live!

”It has been said that cooperativism is an economic movement that uses the methods of education. This definition can also be modified to affirm that cooperativism is an educational movement that uses the methods of economics.”
-Don José María Arizmendiarrieta Madariaga

Dear friends,

It’s time to democratize our economy by democratizing knowledge: Cultivate.Coop is officially launched and live. Visit the website now!

Cooperators and cooperative supporters have already contributed a great cache of articles and educational resources to Cultivate.Coop, which you can read, build upon, share, and implement.

Cultivate.Coop is designed to be a collaborative resource for the cooperative community. By harnessing the power of the internet as well as putting our diverse set of strengths, knowledge, resources, and skills together, we can create powerful means for people all over the country – and even the world – to learn and practice cooperation.

How can you utilize and take action with Cultivate.Coop?

  • If you know it, share it! Cultivate.Coop already has articles ranging from meeting facilitation methods to self-management techniques, anti-oppression resources for cooperatives, steps to starting a cooperative, writing and using cooperative mission statements, and much more.  But there’s a whole world of cooperative knowledge out there, and we need you to expand these articles’ depth. Need help learning how to edit Cultivate.Coop? It’s easy, just check out our tutorial here. Or simply read some articles and learn what the community has to share!
  • Learn about co-ops; teach about co-ops: Besides being a space to build and read articles on all cooperative subjects, Cultivate.Coop is also a place to collaboratively develop and employ educational resources for cooperatives and cooperation. You can see what’s already on the site that will help you teach about co-ops as well as what you and others can use to learn more about co-ops. If you have educational resources for co-ops and cooperation, please share them on Cultivate.Coop and help grow the educational capacity of the co-op community.
  • Build it and fix it: Should there be articles on co-op subjects that are currently missing from Cultivate.Coop? Then get the ball rolling by starting an article! Do you see a fact or claim that’s inaccurate? Help improve Cultivate.Coop by fixing it! See our editing tutorial here.
  • Talk, talk, and talk some more: If anything, Cultivate.Coop is built to be interactive. And that doesn’t stop at creating articles and powerful educational materials. Built into each article and resource page is a Discussion Area that will allow you and others to discuss the content as well as to collaborate on how to further strengthen resources for cooperation.
  • Pass Cultivate.Coop on: This website is designed to be a collaborative project by and for co-ops and cooperators, existing and aspiring alike. The more people using and contributing to it, the stronger resource it will become.

I look forward to seeing you on Cultivate.Coop and working with you to build a powerful resource for a new economy.

In cooperation,
Brian Van Slyke
Cultivate.Coop Project Director

P.S. Some more tidbits:

  • Did you know that Cultivate.Coop has a feature that will transform any page into a printable version? This makes it easy for you to print and share articles, resource lists, handouts, workshop facilitation instructions, and more. Just look for the “Printable version” button on the left hand side of the website.

  • We will still be adding a few more features and making a few more aesthetic changes to Cultivate.Coop over the coming week, so keep your eyes peeled for changes!

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