Now Add & Edit Content to Cultivate.Coop as Easily As Word and Google Docs

Cultivate.Coop just became a more powerful resource for the cooperative community. Now you can add and edit articles, educational resources, and all other content on the site as easily as you could edit a basic Word document. Simply log-in, click “edit” on an article or resource page, and start contributing to the democratization of knowledge for the democratization of our economy, work-places, and organizations!

This is an incredibly important step forward for Cultivate.Coop. When we started this website, our goal was to make it so that any cooperator and cooperative ally could share what they know about co-ops and cooperation with the rest of the world via a central, free, and accessible online hub. In this way, aspiring cooperators, existing cooperators, and those dedicated to advancing the cooperative community could easily access information and materials for educating themselves as well as others about everything related to co-ops, cooperative economics, and cooperation.

Unfortunately, when we first launched, editing materials on Cultivate.Coop required some knowledge about wiki-editing code. While we put together a tutorial that walked people through the basics of this, it was still understandably not on an accessible level for a large number of people. This, of course, created a barrier to our mission.

However, Chris Fenton,in his capacity as an intern with the Northwest Cooperative Development Center(NWCDC), took the time and effort to help us improve the site. Now, anyone who is familiar with writing and editing materials on Word, Google, and other text documents can easily contribute to Cultivate.Coop in the same way – and thus share their knowledge and resources with the entire cooperative community. For this, we are incredibly thankful to Chris and the NWCDC.

What editing a Cultivate.Coop page looks like now:

What editing a Cultivate.Coop page looked like before:

Please help us spread this important update far and wide to your cooperative contacts. We hope that this change will make it so that many more people will now find it easy, fun, and important to contribute to the growth of free, accessible information and resources on co-ops and cooperation for everyone. Of course, if you prefer the old way of editing Cultivate.Coop, you can always choose to “disable” the rich text editor from the editing page.

Stay tuned, because we have some more big and exciting advancements to Cultivate.Coop planned for the future.


P.S. Now that it’s so easy to contribute to Cultivate.Coop, we thought we might help start you off by sharing which pages on Cultivate.Coop are currently “stub” articles that need expansion – as well as those that don’t yet have any information on them.

Some stub articles:

Some articles that currently have no information, which you can help build:


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6 Responses to Now Add & Edit Content to Cultivate.Coop as Easily As Word and Google Docs

  1. MJ Ray says:

    Can I still use the nice easy text box?

    • Yes! Sorry we didn’t make that clear. Just turn off the “rich text editor” and it will take you back to the old way of editing things. Does that make sense?

      • MJ Ray says:

        No, there’s no such “rich text editor” option in my preferences (after I created an account) or on the edit page and so I just made a mess of the “Basic Definitions” section of the “Software” page. 😦 Please can you make it work again?

      • Weird, there really should be. Maybe I am mis-communicating. Can you e-mail us at cultivatecoop AT gmail DOT com – so we can figure this out? Sorry for the trouble.

      • Also, right below the page title when you are logged in and editing a page should have a “[Disable rich editor]” option. This is in the top, left hand corner – right above where it says “Wikitext.”

        Does that help?

  2. MJ Ray says:

    Nope, no such link. I just made a mess of – I’ll mail you.

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